First event under D.K!

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  Wow, its been a while since I've blogged!! Lots of things have been happening >.< I should really start getting back into updating my blogs and sites!       Recently I held an artist table with talented Manga artists and very good Friends Inko and Chie Kutsuwada of Umisen-Yamasen group at the Japan Expo Sud event in Marseille, France! It was a small event compared to Japan Expo Paris, but still had a good grass roots Otaku vibe which I really liked. I created a few overly nice high quality prints especially for the event...You can't really see the awsome metallic quality but here are a few pics. [Even though I've done many events as Nipponaisuki this was the first under DeadlyKawaii so I was actually slightly nervous! I guess its a good new start^^ I also managed to snap a few pics of the awesome cosplayers^^ The city of Marseille itself was a really stunning place and a lot bigger than I expected.

DeadlyKawaiiFirst event under D.K!