DeadlyKawaii x Shamisen project [WAKOSHI]

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>.< can announce I’ve been approached through my creative partners WAKOSHI in Japan by a Shamisen company create custom official artworks and unique pieces for display and exhibition.

…I will be documenting the creative process and have been asked to go back to my more traditional Japanese style and themes which I’m super excited about! ^^



They are widely known as a maker of Shamisen and all parts are hand made

Originally Shamisen was a popular music entertainment tool for ordinary people in EDO period, however gradually it became a more sophisticated instrument.
Although it takes a long time to master Japanese traditional music from its spirit, Shamisen has a simple structure, it is relatively easy for beginners. We created this pre-built kit to make it possible not only to design but also to play Shamisen in your own style.

This Pre-built Shamisen KABUKI is handcrafted by the Shamisen artisans in Katsushika Ward in Tokyo, and their professional work makes its quality clearly different from other Shamisen kits.

Basic structure and detailed parts are already made. Although it is ready to use as an instrument with no extra work, the wood, Burma padauk, can have a shiny texture when polished with sandpaper. As you polish the wood pieces, you will experience the feel of natural wood and be surprised at the great finish.

Synthetic leather is used for the body. Unlike real leather, synthetic material is more stable in the change of temperature and humidity, so they last longer in good condition.

This kit doesn’t include paint. It is also great to play as is with the natural wood texture, but we would like to recommend you design your favorite pattern and create your own unique Shamisen.

  • IMG_3053
  • IMG_3087
  • IMG_3107v2
  • IMG_3094
  • IMG_3108v2
  • IMG_3120
  • IMG_3111
  • IMG_3102
  • IMG_3099v2
DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii x Shamisen project [WAKOSHI]

【=>︿<=】 Porter Robinson Worlds Tour

DeadlyKawaii Inspirators, Porter Robinson

Amazing experience seeing Porter Robinson live on his Worlds Tour in London, Koko club

>___< Also learnt a valuable lesson that night of  一期一会 [Ichi-go ichi-e]


  • Porter-Robinson-DeadlyKawaii-4
  • Porter-Robinson-DeadlyKawaii-5
  • Porter-Robinson-DeadlyKawaii-3
  • Porter-Robinson-DeadlyKawaii
  • Porter-Robinson-DeadlyKawaii-7
DeadlyKawaii【=>︿<=】 Porter Robinson Worlds Tour

Junko Mizuno Belle Exhibition

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Met one of my early inspirators Junko Mizuno (again) at her Belle retrospective Exhibition at the Atomica gallery in London recently.

Also attended her talk as part of the Comica festival event [Comica Festival link]

She was so nice and happily signed my Nurse Kaori figure and MANY artbooks! >.<

Her site:

  • 10731919_618204428288883_1667573459_n
  • 10725019_1485615735055385_1062008384_n
  • 10009734_1508894652686343_1937293148_n
  • 10723673_341171316054384_1311197187_n
  • 10723699_832015890162495_814730742_n
  • 10731721_549534091848162_764308114_n
  • 10735601_771334692904483_1745609160_n
  • 927750_707289199348106_1272705351_n
  • 1389802_360444657470450_1379964350_n
  • IMG_29974
  • IMG_29994
  • IMG_2990
  • IMG_3010
  • IMG_3011
  • IMG_3012
  • IMG_3013
DeadlyKawaiiJunko Mizuno Belle Exhibition


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DeadlyKawaii--miku-01-logo-Happy Miku ミ-Mi=3 ク-Ku=9 day! >.<

Progress new Vocaloid series works – adding effects



DeadlyKawaii at Japan Expo Paris 2013

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>.< Posting up pics from recent trip to Japan Expo 2013 in Paris!Enjoyed the event so much again this year. Travelled and shared a table with talented friends and Manga artists Chie Kutsuwada and InkoA huge ThankYou to all those that visited Deadlykawaii’s table, brought prints and gave such nice comments about my work that I was a little humbled and surprised.
Even though I only brought selected works, I sold out almost everything I brought, so ThankYou again^^
Japan Expo entrance DeadlyKawaii merch DeadlyKawaii Zakura Chibi Kitsune IA DeadlyKawaii Print
The last of my limited edtion badges..

We arrived early set up and generally had a run around the event while everywhere was empty so managed to take a few shots from the different booths^^

Found this cute poster of IA artwork by artist Aka Akasaka at the Vantan Game Academy booth^^

IA booth
Evangelion Anime works booth
Evangelion booth Eva 01 booth
Human sized Eva Unit!
Eva unite 01
Was happy to find Good Smile Company’s booth (especially so close to my table!) A few pics of the booth.
Good Smile Company booth Deep Sea Miku GSC booth 3 GSC booth Miku Madoka
Deep Sea Miku Miku 2.0 Miku Accessories Madoka GSC
GSC booth had the longest queues each of the 4 days, but as I had to come in super early was really handy as I managed to pick myself up a really cute exclusive NatsuTsubaki Ver Nendoroid Miku >.<
Got to meet with Oda-P  from Good Smile Company !!
Oda p
Found the awesomest Itasha car with artist Tony illustrations, Luka looks so cute here, I want my car covered with these artworks! >.<
Luka Itasha 1 Luka Itasha 7 Luka Itasha 3
Did some good planning before hand and at this years event managed to catch Artist/ Singer Aki-Akane’s Live stage and live drawing session…
AkiAkane JE13
She also had large prints of her artworks on display at the AOJI booth
AkiAkane JE13 art 3 AkiAkane JE13 art 2. AkiAkane JE13 art 1
So glad I picked up myself a copy of her new Artbook RGB, her management was really strict and having to be back my table was’nt able to hang around get it signed and meet her.
AkiAkane JE13 art4
Also on display at the AOJI booth was a few artworks by the awesome artist Redjuice
Redjuice Beatless 2
Was happy to find on display the Beatless [ Lacia ] 1/8 figure by Good Smile Company, its really impressive in real life…lets hope they do a rerelease >.<
RedJuice Beatless
Guilty Crown’s Inori Yuzuriha artwork by Redjuice
Inori redjuice AOJI
In between being at my table, taking pics of cosplayers and throwing my money at Good Smile Company I managed to catch some Hatsune Miku Vocaloid conference with Crypton Future Media CEO Hiroyuki Itoh
Miku conference Japan Expo

They even announced the new Hatsune Miku English Ver and previewed a demo track. I was a little worried about having an English Miku voice bank but it still sounded really cute…a lot of people mentioned it sounds similar to IA’s voice bank and has bit of an accent.

This sticker went straight on my sketchbook^^

Miku English sticker
Official English Miku track

OK once again did my customary “Cosplay Hunting” of great Cosplays and outfits from around the event over the 4 days to post up.Awesome Studio Ghibli Spirited Away cosplay group! Sen [Chihiro] – No-Face – Haku
Spirited Away Cosplay
Lolitas Japan Expo
Luka and Miku >.<
Miku Luka 13
Kaito and Gakupo Kamui Senbonzakura Ver cosplay
Gakupo Kait Cosplay
Such a cute Gumi!
Gumi Cosplay
Cute outfit^^
Cute outfit Japan Expo
Macross Frontier, such an impressive Klan-Klang costume
Macross Frontier Cosplay
Miku Cosplay
My childhood obsession Ninja Turtles! these guys where really cool and animated
Ninja Turtles
Cute Vocaloid Snow Miku 2011 Ver cosplay :3
Snow Miku Cosplay
Tim Burton’s Batman Catwoman bought some of my art >.<
Catwoman Cosplay
Yes, was happy to find Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online cosplays!
Asuna Kirito Cosplay
The final day of the event we packed up early as most items was sold out and made our way straight to a Perfume concert!
Perfume concert 1 Perfume concert 2
The concert was in such a nice intimate sized stage and the French crowd was so excited it really made the experience even more great.
Here’s a cool Perfume vid:

DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii at Japan Expo Paris 2013

Lamia-Cross Album Art Official release !

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Fresh cut!

Pic of the new Album artwork I created for band Lamia-Cross feat Lutetia collaborating with Wakoshi[Hiroko]

The new Album “Light My Fire” is officially released. Orders are now open at check out the preview pic! The artwork features character “Evil Geisha”


DeadlyKawaiiLamia-Cross Album Art Official release !

DeadlyKawaii’s new Artist hanko

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Those that know me, know I have a slight obsession with traditional Japanese Kamon & Kimono/ Tenugui/ Furoshiki pattern designs…..this also includes Japanese Hanko stamps and artists seals especially in Kabuki woodblock prints.

I have a really nice Jade stone hanko from a previous alias, so I was really looking to get a new one for DeadlyKawaii !!

And at the Japan Expo Paris event I was lucky to meet up with the really lovely Tomoko Tsukui and her assistant who makes supa cute awesome stamps and I commissioned her to create my DeadlyKawaii hanko artist stamp or [雅号印] to put on artworks.

Pic of Tsukui Tomoko-san holding the new DeadlyKawaii hanko >.<

DSC09598 530

So here’s the new DeadlyKawaii hanko!

Tomoko Tsukui DeadlyKawaii

Check out her cute website here: TSUKUITOMOKO.COM

I wonder if I would have been able to create something myself, but definitely not so skillfully. I really like how it has a handmade look to it, but mostly made by a person who really loves her craft and artform so I will be proud to stamp my new sketches and artworks with it^^
A close-up of how the print turns out can be seen at the header of this post…

So here’s the first artwork created featuring the new Hanko^^
The artwork is a chibi white Kitsune nine tail version of my original character “Zakura” and will be part of a new “Kawaii Shinto series” I’m creating

DeadlyKawaii Chibi Zakura 5309

So if you find me at any conventions, be sure to request a sketch and I’ll be using the new hanko >.<

DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii’s new Artist hanko

DeadlyKawaii @ Paris Japan Expo 2012

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Back from my trip holding an artists table at the Japan Expo 2012 in Paris!! I was travelling with awesome friends and supa talented Manga artists Inko & Chie Kutsuwada [The Harajuku Girls]

Was a really great event full of Anime, Manga, Gaming, Cosplay, Martial arts, everything Otaku and met so many, many talented Manga artists around the artists area….even some amazing artists straight from Japan that came down especially for the event and had some beautiful Illustration books & artworks that I had to get….I will make a separate post showcasing all the lovely things I picked up^^

Also a BiG ThankYou to all those people that visited my table, bought artwork and merchandise and even requested commission sketches >.< I was a little restricted on what I was able to take with me, but managed to sell out of most things!

DSC09553 530

[DeadlyKawaii's artist table] it always happens I get so distracted with everything going on I only end up taking a few pictures of my space, but here it is! lol

DeadMaster DeadlyKawaii chibi 530

Those that was following know I was working hard in between the day job trying to finish a series of cute chibli Black Rock Shooter artworks for the event…..I managed to get Dead Master and Black Gold Saw but glad I didn’t rush Strength and BRS, going to now redo bits and finish the series off properly

IMG_2851 530


I might make some of the new BRS chibi series works I create available online & do some giveaways!^^

So here’s a summary of DeadlyKawaii events in pics


The Expo entrance where all the fun begins


The event itself, its freaking huge!! this pic shows a tiny part of the game companies area^^

DSC09505 530

Haha… can imagine DeadlyKawaii’s eyes at seeing this! It was like a beacon of awesomeness…..Good Smile Company’s tiny booth, yes I went there and just threw all my money at them!! I gots a really cute K-on Mio Akiyama Nendoroid and a Vocaloid Nendo petit blind box that ended up with Yowane Haku, she’s my cute Expo mascot now. By the end of the first day the GSC booth was already sold out of so many products, I’m hoping this means they’ll have a bigger booth next year!! Onegai, I’m tired of seeing all the overpriced bootlegs around!

Insane Black Rock Shooter Figma 530

Took a few pics of the Good Smile Company figure display case [that was tiny] at their booth to post up. Insane Black Rock Shooter figma is actually a lot more impressive in real life, the bits that really stood out was the hair sculpt, subtle purple coloring and that slightly twisted “I don’t give a damn” facial expression. The figure also had a kinda wild creature feel to it that I liked.

Vocaloid Nendoroid petit 530

Vocaloid Nendoroid petites figures, seeing them online I prefered the normal Nendoroids but after getting my Yowane Haku [white-ish hair hiding middle back] there’s really something so cute about that petit size and the build quality of the series is such good quality, instant fan!

Kuroneko kamineko Holy angel figure 530

There was a lot of figures being showcased around, not as many new or prototypes that I had hoped, but found this cute Kuroneko Holy-Angel Kamineko complete figure. I really enjoyed this Anime series [Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ] I really liked Kuroneko’s strong/ cute character!

Ok now the cosplay section…..there was so many around I took just my favourite characters and awesome outfits.

Yuimino Onigiri Cosplayers 530

These awesome girls are part of a Japanese Cosplay vocal unit called Yuimino [official site] They had their own booth also promoting Onigiri Project [official site] and were really sweet, wish I chatted to them more but they was too cute and I got shy lol

Tiger and Bunny cosplay 2 530

These amazing cosplayers of Tiger and Bunny are a friends of a friend, I’ve seen their cosplaying at other events and they are always awesome! Check out the authentic Tiger and Bunny poses!!!

Brs black gold saw cosplay 530

Awww >.< I found a Black Gold Saw cosplayer. I’m not sure why she looked so sad, I’m guessing it’s cause she lost the gargantuan King Saw??

Karina Lyle Blue Rose cosplay 530

A very sweet Cosplayer of character Karina Kyle from Tiger & Bunny anime….Blue Rose is my favourite from the series and was really happy to see someone cosplay her normal characters outfit, it looks great.
Apparently not many recognised her character so I received a huge hug from her as well^^


Found a Durarara cosplay group with the main characters Orihara Izaya, Sonohara Anri, Shizou Heiwajima, and my favourite of all characters Celty Sturluson!

DSC09588 530

I’m not too sure which character this was, I’m guessing a Gothic Miku, but let me know if you can tell.


Samurai cosplayers 530

Not to sure the reason for this area or the outfits, but had to take a pic cause they looked bad-ass.

DSC09543 530

After the Expo’s fun day, we always make sure to visit our favourite crêpes et galettes restaurant “Chez Imogene” they do such great food and atmosphere, highly recommended, especially the Apple-Caramel-Almond crêpes, sadly no pics as it was finished before I knew what happened heheh.

DeadlyKawaii Eiffel tower 530

I finished my trip with the romantic view of the Eiffel tower at night…..I hear a lot of bad experiences about Paris, but I always feel so inspired by the energy of the city.

Felt like doing a detailed post this time, so hope you enjoyed and makes you think about visiting this event^^

I will be posting a separate posts showcasing the lovely things I picked up at the event and also some first Figure review posts, so please look out for them

DSC09602 530

Found probably the most Kawaii Pikachu suitcase I’ve ever seen, who belongs to the sweet guys from Dokkun.
Its so cute, I want one!!! >.<

All artwork/ photos Copyright DeadlyKawaii ©

DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii @ Paris Japan Expo 2012

DeadlyKawaii @ MCM Expo London

DeadlyKawaii Deadly Kawaii, DeadlyKawaii, MCM Expo, Original Artworks, Original Illustrations, WAKOSHI



Had fun holding an artist table at the May MCM Expo 2012 event in London.

Was’nt able to create that many new works as hoped, so hopefully will have them for the Japan Expo Paris event coming very soon that I’m really excited for >.< I will post details of this event in a separate post.


For now, here’s a quick pic of part of my artists table at the event……


DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii @ MCM Expo London