Custom Gold Geisha..

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  Recently I was commissioned to create an exciting project of a large custom painting of my "Gold Geisha" artwork. Here's a look at the original digital art, I was given free  reign to create the Art piece as I wished.   I thought it'll be good to do a simple work progress posts and keep updating the progress >.< Start: Really enjoying making the piece and I've had to learn so many new processes/ techniques especially for this commission. I wanted to make it a special piece so chosen Traditional + Gold as the key elements of the piece. The scale of the painting is quite large ( its always refreshing to see your artwork blown up on huge scale!) Here I've added some gold painted details, had to wear a mask from fumes from the mixer was quite strong over long periods. I'm glad also I decided to use different types of gold as its give a really nice contrast, even used real 24 Carot gold gilding on parts of the Kimono's Obi to give a unique feel.. Its looking so nice! Finished!!  Abit of a jump as things have gotton really busy, but added all the extra ...

DeadlyKawaiiCustom Gold Geisha..