DeadlyKawaii x Shamisen project [WAKOSHI]

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>.< can announce I’ve been approached through my creative partners WAKOSHI in Japan by a Shamisen company create custom official artworks and unique pieces for display and exhibition.

…I will be documenting the creative process and have been asked to go back to my more traditional Japanese style and themes which I’m super excited about! ^^



They are widely known as a maker of Shamisen and all parts are hand made

Originally Shamisen was a popular music entertainment tool for ordinary people in EDO period, however gradually it became a more sophisticated instrument.
Although it takes a long time to master Japanese traditional music from its spirit, Shamisen has a simple structure, it is relatively easy for beginners. We created this pre-built kit to make it possible not only to design but also to play Shamisen in your own style.

This Pre-built Shamisen KABUKI is handcrafted by the Shamisen artisans in Katsushika Ward in Tokyo, and their professional work makes its quality clearly different from other Shamisen kits.

Basic structure and detailed parts are already made. Although it is ready to use as an instrument with no extra work, the wood, Burma padauk, can have a shiny texture when polished with sandpaper. As you polish the wood pieces, you will experience the feel of natural wood and be surprised at the great finish.

Synthetic leather is used for the body. Unlike real leather, synthetic material is more stable in the change of temperature and humidity, so they last longer in good condition.

This kit doesn’t include paint. It is also great to play as is with the natural wood texture, but we would like to recommend you design your favorite pattern and create your own unique Shamisen.

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DeadlyKawaiiDeadlyKawaii x Shamisen project [WAKOSHI]