• Fukuda Hiroko X WAKOSHI

u-hitsu calligrapher, Hiroko Fukuda
An artist, Hiroko Fukuda
She was born in in Tokyo in 1940.
She was belonging at Kuwasawa design laboratory
and when she was 26 years old,
she became a discipline of a calligrapher to
learn the basis of the characters.
When she was 40 years old she started art activity individually.
She continued private exhibition which is called
“Yu-hitsu with Japanese black ink and color”
for 17 years.
In 1993,
her exhibition was held in Beijing China, where is the “home” of
calligraphy and evaluated high.
At the exhibition in Paris which was held in 1994, Parisian were attracted
by the“Mystery of the Orient”.
Her later exhibition in New York attracted the local people and
an article about her art was carried in a famous art magazine.
As a calligraphy artist, she makes most use of the Kanji character
in the daily life by using,
them in on Kimono fabric, earthenware, various interiors,
logo production and so on.
Her art project collaborates on the work to an overseas artist(UK).
She is making uniting the work that exceeds the country (Orient and West) and
time (modern and classics).
Collaboration artworks


  • 20101031_1446369
  • 20101031_1446370
  • 日日新 日日に新なり1030×7303
  • 花紅柳緑花に逢えば花を打し月に逢えば月を打す495×7552

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